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New Strokes

Dolphin Stroke

The dolphin stroke shows resemblance to the butterfly stroke except for the fact that the athlete swims on his back with less body undulation, which requires much less effort when the stroke has been mastered. The original impulse stems from the base of the spine rather than from the arms and legs.

The dolphin stroke is characterized by a downwards movement of the arms and simultaneous movement of the legs which produces undulation akin to that of the cetacean. The more one uses the crawl, the more one gets tired, while as the dolphin stroke allows for a better flow of energy from the waist and moving towards the arms and the legs which it stimulates.

The dolphin stroke is the only stroke that enables one to go at counter-current at sea. In fact, as is the case with the animal, there is no point in fighting against the waves, it is rather the waves that lift up the swimmer effortlessly. It gives better results as one goes through waves allowing for synergy with the environment. Nature is not a enemy but an ally. Obviously Raymond-Louis does not refer to ground swell let alone huge waves such as those found in Hawaii. The dolphin stroke is one of survival and endurance, which can prove to be ideal over a short distance. The greater the wave, the greater the help is given to the swimmer who feels a sense of euphoria by virtue of the fact that osmosis is possible without muscular contraction.

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